Thursday, September 16, 2010

maw ka tamaw?

nak potong ke xnak eh?? hadoii. nak potong sayangg, xpotong t salu saket pale. haih. fenin fenin. tapi saloon da memanggil manggil. camna tuh?

Friday, June 18, 2010

my first basic english classes :)

ohhh my god.. huh. 1st classes?? so many thing that i have to catch up, especially my lecturer. MR MUSTAPHA? yes, him. he was soo amazing! even he was malay, i never though that he was 'malay', coz he really & totally spoke in english. wow! yah, i know, not only him can speak in english, but there was so many people also can speak in english. but! since he lecture me, i was never heard he was speak in malay. although his face was totally chinese look! haha. w.e.i.r.d? humm. yahh. maby. lala~